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About Us

The original Brangwyn Herd of Pedigree Herefords was set up in 1955 by William John Roderick at The Bank Farm, Scurlage Castle, Gower, Swansea, South Wales, we are not sure of the origin of the name Brangwyn Herefords, but with the abundance of herds prior to the invasion of continental cattle we feel it must have been chosen by Olive Roderick in the early 1950's probably with reference to the Brangwyn Hall in Swansea as there were many herds already named after places in Gower. They enjoyed many successes over the next few years until William Roderick passed away in 1966 and with the changing times the herd was disbanded in a store sale in 1974, then the story leaps almost 30yrs to 2003 when we purchased 5 Poll Herefords from George & Ionwy Thorne and re- started with "The Brangwyn POLLED Herd."


What Else do we do.


We keep all the sheep and cattle on our home holding where we also grow a variety of veg which we sell locally and to Swansea Market, one of our specialities is having the first early Gower potatoes grown under glass, we also have poly tunnel tomatoes and cucumbers which get quite a reception at the farmers markets throughout the summer and I like to see the faces of customers when I turn up with unusual things such as Kohl Rabbi and summer squash.

We also rent several parcels of land on which we grow barley, hay and silage and have tack sheep during the winter.

We have a converted barn holiday let which can sleep 2-4 people, a Bungalow that can sleep up to 6 and and a coffee shop where we also sell our veg, its conception was as a coffee shop but with the popularity of the Gower All Day Breakfast it is now more of a cafe, which shares its trade with the garden centre.

With all this and contracting for local farmers and the local authority it keeps us all busy but it does mean we can't always go to all the shows we might like.

Brangwyn 1 Rosie

  " Phillys Doris"

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